In the elements!

Forest School After School sessions Nov/Dec

We’re so excited to offer After School in the gorgeous grounds at Larchill Arcadian Gardens near Kilcock again this coming term.

People worry that the late seasons weather, or twilight is too much for kids but our experience is the opposite, they thrive on the sensory stimuli afforded by the shifts in the weather and changes that come with rhythm of the seasons.

We offer After School for age 5 to 10 years near Kilcock on Wednesdays from 3.30pm to 5.30pm weekly from after mid-term to 14th Dec.

So grab a headlight and get ready to send them off to have some excellent experiences. For booking and info see here.

Published by forestschoolireland

Ciara Hinksman is delighted to share he love of the outdoors through her work with children and adults.

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